Connect with Christ, Church and Community

-Congregation sings hymns that are led by the choir, organist, and pianist.

-Congregation recites The Lord’s prayer, a Prayer of Confession, and an Affirmation of Faith in unison.

-Sermons are based on Scripture and are followed by a closing prayer and blessing.

-Childcare is offered.

-Communion is offered on the first Sunday of each month.

-Worship time is led by vocalists and band.

– A sermon worksheet is included in the bulletin, and you can fill it in as the pastor preaches.

-Children worship with their parent(s) in the sanctuary. During the service children are invited to get up and go to children’s church.

-Sermons are based on Scripture.

-A closing song is followed by a prayer and blessing.

-Childcare is offered.

-Communion is offered on the first Sunday of each month.

All worship services are live streamed and resources are available to download. Click here for online worship.

Our Story

Here at St. Johns, our vision is to Connect with Christ, Church and Community. There are many ways to put this vision into action. We come together as a community to strengthen our desire to “Connect with Christ” through Sunday worship.  St. Johns offers a 9 AM traditional service and a contemporary 11 AM service. Children’s church and toddler’s church are taught during the 11 AM worship service and all lessons are Biblical focused and incorporate creative crafts and games. Sunday school classes meet at 10 AM in various locations around our campus, and classes are always open for you to join! In addition to our in-person worship, St. Johns live streams both worship services and all resources are available for you to download.

Our History

Our story begins in the summer of 1922 when the President was Warren G. Harding, the Vice President was Calvin Coolidge, and the population of the United States was 110,049,000. The Presbyterian neighbors of St. Johns Park organized a Sunday afternoon Sunday school. The Springfield Presbyterian Church, (no longer in existence) helped to establish our new congregation. There was such enthusiastic support, that in less than a year, the property at Melrose and Fair Street was acquired, and it soon became the St. Johns Park Chapel. Seventy-eight members went on the roll as charter members on June 16, 1929. St. Johns continues to offer a vital ministry for Riverside, Ortega, Avondale, and beyond.