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About St. Johns

Our story begins in the summer of 1922 when the President was Warren G. Harding, the Vice President was Calvin Coolidge and the population of the United States was 110,049,000. The Presbyterian neighbors of St. Johns Park organized a Sunday afternoon Sunday school. The Springfield Presbyterian Church, (no longer in existence) helped to establish our new congregation. There was such enthusiastic support, that in less than a year, the property at Melrose and Fair Streets was acquired, and it soon became the St. Johns Park Chapel. Seventy-eight members went on the rolls as charter members on June 16, 1929. St. Johns continues to offer a vital ministry for Riverside, Ortega, Avondale, and beyond.
We offer two distinctly different worship services on Sundays. Our 9am service is traditional with classic Christian hymns and time-honored corporate prayers. We also have contemporary worship at 11am that begins with popular Christian music. A scripturally-based sermon is an important part of both worship services.
A Children’s service is included at the 11am hour. Children gather in the sanctuary for worship with their families, and then transition to a children’s service in the Fellowship Hall.
We hope you’ll pay us a visit!

On your first visit

Both of our worship services take place in the sanctuary. Upon entering the sanctuary you will be welcomed and offered a bulletin. There will be a time of announcements and a short time to greet your neighbor. As a visitor, you are not asked to stand, raise your hand, or put a visitor tag. But we do look around for new faces, and people will come and introduce themselves.


Pastor Jonathan Lovelady 

Senior Pastor/ Head of Staff 

Kevin Crainshaw

Associate for Worship and Arts 

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