LITTLE FLOCK SUNDAY SCHOOL Sunday, @10:00 AM in the new nursery ~ Pre-K through 1st and 2nd through 5th gather in the new nursery. Please contact Mollie Lackey at for more information.

KIRK HOUSE CLASS Kirk House @10:00 AM  They are studying  “Harmony of the Gospels”, a study of Jesus’ life and teachings from the book of Luke with added context of Old Testament prophecies and the traditions and teachings of the day. Led by Kevin & Wendi Hunger. Drop-ins welcome! Please contact Kevin at or Wendi at for more information.

NOLAN-PAJCIC CLASS Kindergarten Room 22 @10:00 AM Now is the perfect time to join! This group is studying 1 Peter Chapter 2. Please contact Jim Nolan at or Curry Pajcic at for more information.

FRIENDSHIP BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CLASS Chapel @10:00 AM The study is “God’s World and God’s People.” This will be an in-depth study of the book of Genesis from “In the Beginning” to today,   living in God’s world. Please contact Diane McFadden at for more information.

YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL The Loft @10:00 AM This group is for  middle school and high school students. Please contact Chris Kellam at for more information.

SJPC MEN’S CLASS Session Room @10:00 AM They are  beginning the study of The Book of James, study guides will be available. Please contact Bill Mentz or Pastor Jon at or for more information.

WOMEN’S CLASS @10:00 AM in the “purple door room”/Room 23 in the preschool They are studying “The Power of a Woman’s Words” by Sharon Jaynes with the section on the potential to change. Join and “explore the power you possess and use it to speak life to those around you.” Please contact Heather Griffin at for more information.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY First Monday of each month @10:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall. They are studying John Macarthur’s “The Spread of the Gospel” focusing on Acts. Monday will be lesson 7-8. Contact Diane McFadden at 904-384-0493 or for further information.

MEN’S PRAYER BREAKFAST Tuesday, @7:00 AM  in the Fellowship Hall.  The men’s group meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Contact John Otterson at for further information.

WEDNESDAY MEN’S GROUP Wednesday, @6:00 AM at Maple Street in Murray Hill The group is reading “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John BunyanThe study is 20 weeks long. Please contact Trip Stanly at (904) 866-2118 or for more information.

WEDNESDAY HANGOUTS Wednesday,  @6:00 PM in the Kirk House All middle and high schoolers are welcome! Bring your favorite game, snack, and friend, to the Kirk House as we spend time together. Please contact Chris Kellam at for more information.

D-LIFE Wednesday, @6:00-8:00 PM in the Kirk House. D-Life is a film and theater ministry aimed at MS and HS youth, providing an opportunity to participate in ministry and to build skills that are attractive and beneficial in life. They produce short films, funny skits, and play exciting games. Please contact Chris Kellam at for more information.

SJPC MOMS Thursday, @9:00-11:00 AM in the Kirk House. The group is begining “Real Moms . . . Real  Jesus: Meet the Friend who Understands” by Jill Savage. No prior attendance is necessary. Please contact Pamela Smith at or Lauren McLaughlin at for more information.