Living Waters for the World

Living Waters for the World (LWW) trains volunteers to establish  and lead water mission teams that partner with communities to implement and operate sustainable water purification systems and health education programs.  

LWW Networks come alongside water teams and partners throughout every phase of a water project.  They provide essential support for sustainable water systems that produce clean water for a generation.

NOTE: LWW does not drill wells or provide other water access solutions. LWW empowers communities to treat available but contaminated water. 

St. Johns is proud to partner with Living Waters for the World. Several trips are made each year to Cuba by our own Living Waters  team. Together with Cuban locals, they install water filtration systems and teach the community how to operate them. 

St. John’s Living Waters Cuba Team

Every third Thursday of the month, 10% of your lunch and/or dinner proceeds will benefit SJPC’s  Living Waters For the World mission trip. Make sure to get your  receipt stamped by The Loop, then bring your receipt to church the  following Sunday and place it in the offering plate.