Our vision is Connect with Christ, Church and Community. When we come together to worship, we desire to “Connect” with Christ which is done in our two different of styles of worship on Sunday morning. Both our 9am and 11am services run about 60 minutes and are dismissed with prayer and a blessing. If you have a prayer request, please fill out a connection card and place it in the offering plate as it is passed, and our prayer team will pray for your request.

9am (Traditional)

  • Dress is business casual (although some will wear shorts and some will wear suits.)
  • Service order printed in the bulletin you receive coming in and is easy to follow
  • We sing hymns lead by our choir, organ, and pianist
  • We will speak in unison our liturgy of The Lord’s prayer, a Prayer of Confession, and an Affirmation of Faith
  • A sermon, based on scripture
  • Closing prayer and blessing
  • Childcare offered 

10am Sunday School

  • Children have Sunday school classes divided by ages.
  • High & Middle School Youth have a Sunday school class with curriculum designed for their needs.
  • There are many different adult Sunday school classes to attend, please contact the church office at sjpc@sjpcjax.org for further information.

11am (Contemporary)

  • Dress is casual still some will wear suits or some will be comfortable in shorts
  • Worship time lead by vocals and band
  • Songs of worship you might hear on the radio
  • Children worship with their parent(s) then are invited back to Children’s Church
  • A sermon, based on scripture
  • Closing song followed by prayer and a blessing
  • Childcare offered