September 12, 2021 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: STANDING STRONG IN A SHAKEN WORLD: WAVES 9/12/2021 Today is the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. It is a somber realization that such a small committed group could cause such devastation, destruction, and death. Most of us remember the horror of that day. Yet, it was also a day […]

September 5, 2021 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: RACING TO WIN: Encouraging 9/05/2021 The last 18 months have been discouraging.  While we were hoping for an end to the pandemic, the new delta strain continues to spread rapidly.  While our economy is surging forward, we cannot find people to fill the needed jobs to be productive.  While we had hoped for greater unity for […]

August 29, 2021 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: RACING TO WIN: ENDURANCE 8/29/2021 We continue the sermon series Racing to Win at St. Johns.  Endurance is a critical element in training to win.  Every athlete trains in order to increase their endurance.  We forget that we also need this in our spiritual race.  How do we train for spiritual endurance?  In the […]

August 22, 2021 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: RACING TO WIN: SEEKING EXCELLENCE 8/22/2021 We continue with our series, Racing to Win, with the sermon, Seeking Excellence.  Even though we may not always win, or achieve the results that we desire, we should never give up on excellence.  Excellence is a value that is often confused with success and perfection.  […]

August 15, 2021 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: RACING TO WIN: DON’T GIVE UP 8/15/2021 our sermon series, Racing to Win we confront a topic that is universal for everyone.  The sermon title says it all: Don’t Give Up!  As we have gone through this pandemic, we all have waited for the isolation, masks, and restrictions to come to an end.  Now, with […]

August 8, 2021 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: RACING TO WIN: WISDOM 8/8/2021 continue with Racing to Win, our summer sermon series during the Olympic games.  This week’s sermon is Wisdom.  This is an important factor at the Olympic games.  If a person does not use the appropriate wisdom about diet, rest, or strategy then they decrease their chances for winning.  What […]