May 2, 2021 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: 7 POWERFUL GRACES FOR LIVING: SEEK 5/2/2021 In our sermon series 7 Powerful Graces for Living, the grace of the week is Seek.  When we hear this word it may not seem like a grace, but more like an exhausting task.  We spend part of our lives searching.  If we are lost, we are seeking to find our […]

September 6, 2020 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: SEEK PEACE AND PURSUE IT: ENABLING 9/6/2020 Happy Labor Day!  This Labor Day is very special because during this pandemic we can see the importance of labor!  We can celebrate the medical professionals and the police patrol; the grocery store checkout person, and the warehouse worker; the airline pilot, and the auto repair person.  Each […]