February 23, 2020 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: UNCONDITIONAL: CONFIDENCE 2/23/2020 https://vimeo.com/393477990 In conditional human love, one of the problems we experience is confidence!  How can we be sure that someone loves us?  How do we trust them enough to have a relationship?  Human love is filled with betrayal, failure, and uncertainty.  We see it every day!  In our sermon series, Unconditional, […]

February 16, 2020 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: UNCONDITIONAL: CHOICES 2/16/2020 https://vimeo.com/392798824 Our sermon series Unconditional continues with the sermon, Choices.  Our lives are filled with choices!  No one can deny the power of choice.   We often think of life’s big choices such as marriage, career, or buying a home, but there is also great power in the smaller choices.  Our smaller choices accumulate […]

February 9, 2020 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: UNCONDITIONAL: COMPETING 2/9/2020 https://vimeo.com/391087110 We continue our series Unconditional with the sermon Competing.  Why is loving someone as Jesus loved us so difficult?  It seems that with all of our progress in modern society we would not struggle to love each other.  Yet, as we look at our world, anger and hatred seem to be stronger than ever.  In 1 […]

February 2, 2020 Worship Service

SERMON SERIES: UNCONDITIONAL: CONNECT 2/2/2020 https://vimeo.com/389028213 We begin a new series this week, entitled, Unconditional. This month, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day which is a celebration of human love. Americans are estimated to spend 19.6 billion dollars on this day for cards, flowers, and other gifts! All of us want to be loved because it […]